Time Keeps on Truckin Part 1

Jason stopped in the studio this week to talk about his views and experiences on the road and in life. This is a two part podcast, with part 2 being over at the Anti Social Experience podcast. Recorded 2/18/2018

Nicc Kennedy
Happy Birthday Old Man

In this episode we go over some of the basic first steps to take, to create a podcast. It is also Daves Birthday, so wish him happy birthday, even if its still not January 5th, even if youre listening whenever in the future. Thank you everyone.

DT Pc Podcast & ASE Christmas Show 2017

What was to be the 2017 Christmas Show. It still is, however only after recovering the audio from an audacity crash. Nicc and Dave from DT Pc podcast are in the studio, with guests John and Aaron. Closing the show is Joe and Nicc. Everyone is talking, mostly Christmas.

Merry Christmas 2017 Everyone !

Nicc Kennedy
002 YouTube Torture Test

Episode 2.5 from youtube live stream, with an added afterword. Episode 2 of the audio podcast. The afterword was Dave and Nicc talking while finishing up work for the day. Youtube audio portion is edited for time and content.

Nicc Kennedy
Apple Approved !

Well, we survived the review process over at Apple podcasts. Officially on iTunes, first episode is available, second episode is being post processed and also adding a short afterward in. Its not as amazing seeing your content on iTunes, once you know how its done, still it seems kind of magical, seeing what you created listed in a huge directory of other content available online. One thing that stood in the way of getting published, was going for perfect, instead of finished, and as many times as I heard other podcasters say that same thing, it took a while for me personally to remember it. 

Podcast on itunes.png
Nicc Kennedy
First official podcast episode...

Yesterday, I stepped in front of the microphone, and tried my voice at recording the first official episode of the podcast, as a one man band. Not a very long episode, and I did catch up with Dave and record an afterward to get his thoughts, on the layout and design of future plans for the shop. Here is the rough draft of the logo / cover art for the podcast ( I'm definitely not an artist). Comments and critiques, you know where they go. First official episode, done. More to come...

A simple podcast logo / cover art, another step on the way to publishing the podcast.

Studio setup progressing...

The studio is under way, getting equipment set up and figured out to get to end result of releasing a podcast. Sound engineering is so much different than computer repair and maintenance. Looking forward to getting the podcast launched, and learning more about audio and video production. Meant to post this when typed originally, hit save instead of publish.

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